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Average daily rate or ADR

The average amount achieved for rooms sold. ADR is used by management to gauge the level of pricing achieved by a specific hotel or group of hotels in a given period.


The total number of rooms sold divided by the total number of rooms available at a hotel or group of hotels. Occupancy measures the utilization of a hotel's available capacity. Management uses occupancy to gauge demand at a specific hotel or group of hotels in a given period.


Revenue per available room, which for any hotel in a given period is the total rooms' revenue divided by the number of available rooms. Management uses RevPAR to identify trend information with respect to room revenues and to evaluate hotel performance. RevPAR is a commonly used performance measure in the industry. It is often used in comparison to competitors within a custom defined market or a competitive set.

Same store RevPAR

A comparison of RevPAR based on the operations of the same units in each period, by excluding the effect of any hotel acquisitions in the period or major refurbishments where a property is closed for the whole period. The comparison also excludes the effect of dispositions (including discontinued operations) or closures.

ADR and RevPAR are measures for a point in time (a day, month or year) and are most often compared across like time periods. Current ADR and RevPAR are not necessarily indicators of future performance.

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